Mind-blowing stupidity of this new reality

Once again, we find ourselves on the quality assurance merry-go-round.
Apparently, we should not have the same auditor two years in a row, to prevent bias and cronyism.

I thought I had talked Mat out of participating in this charade, but my debating skills seem to be wanting, for he is still assessed.
If we passed, what must other piggeries look like? With the incessant rain, the piggery looks like a swamp.

We’ve used 50 metres of gravel to fill the largest potholes on our 1.2km front drive. But you can’t see where it went.
We’ve just had another inch of rain, so all that gravel will be chucked out when the next truck attempts to get up what was once a good road, six months ago.

Anyway, back to QA. Everything passed, although the auditor decreed that five pigs had to be destroyed, which was down on the 60 of last year!
‘That’s fine’, Mat thought. But the auditor insisted that she must have proof of their destruction; she wanted photos of them dead.

Mat had a better idea, he said. “You stay here and I will get the gun and shoot them now.”
‘NOOOOOO WAY’, came the reply. Even though she had ordered their destruction, there was no way she was going to watch. That was too bloodthirsty!

“We have a perishable product and the slightest impediment to sell at the optimum time costs us thousands”

This stupidity just blows my mind. How immune to reality do we have to be? We now ‘euthanise’ rather than kill or slaughter, or possibly ‘put down’.
This girl was prepared to order their slaughter, yet was unable to watch?

She should have been made to do it. After all, that is what she wanted and insisted happen.
I could have sent photos of the next five pigs to die. Would that have satisfied the order?

Is the industry so under the thumb of the lunatic animal huggers, that now anything with hair slightly out of place is rejected?
We all know where this will end but no one has the collective guts to take them on. We have a perishable product and the slightest impediment to sell at the optimum time costs us thousands.

Therefore, we are caught between a rock and a hard place.
The only cure is a food shortage, which, in Australia, will never happen due to the small population.

Never underestimate the power of the animal huggers. Recently, the usual biased reporting on greyhounds caused the NSW Government to ban greyhound racing!
In the end, our Premier looked an absolute fool due to the bureaucratic deception. One bureaucrat told the press to talk to the greyhound owners in ‘baby talk’, as they have limited intelligence.

This is more sad than funny, as it demonstrates the ignorance, arrogance and stupidity of an educated minority. These people are running the country!
Meanwhile, pig prices in Oz continue to stagger upwards and cattle are at a record high of £4.70/kg, all subsidised by our efforts to subsidise the price with cheap pork.
I really go to bed every night with a warm inner glow at that thought.

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