BPEX video features pig slurry testing for “added value” fertiliser use

BPEX has made a video which demonstrates the on-farm testing of pig slurry to determine its fertiliser value.

As addition to making the point that manures and slurries shouldn’t be treated as waste to be disposed of, but as a valuable asset to be utilised, the video content embraces a strong “added value” theme.

“The nutrient content of manures and slurries can vary considerably from the typical values presented in Defra’s Fertiliser Manual (RB209),” said BPEX. “Given this variability and the increasing cost of manufactured fertiliser it is worthwhile analysing nutrient content of representative samples of manures and slurries.”

The video subsequently shows how to test pig slurry through an on-farm process to determine its fertiliser value and how this can be calculated for inclusion within a fertiliser plan.

The work on which the video is based is drawn from a BPEX/Defra LINK project which has identified a “low cost, rapid and reliable analysis” of slurry and manure samples.

Access the testing video via BPEX focus on nutrient management

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