Organuary looks to boost offal sales

The Association of Independent Meat Suppliers (AIMS) has announced it is supporting Organuary during January 2020.

Organuary has been established by the charity Public Health Collaboration to promote including organ meats in at least one meal, twice per week, within the diet throughout January.

Tony Goodger, a spokesperson for AIMS, said: “Offal sales in the UK declined by 13% in the last year, however, Organuary will help remind consumers of the great value for money as well as the environmental benefits which are derived from eating more of the animal.”

“Organuary’s message is simple, ‘Minimise Waste, Maximise Nutrition’ to which we would add, ‘Eat More, Eat Better’. Eat more of the animal and eat better by ensuring that the offal you are buying is from UK Farm Assured stock.”

Speaking on behalf of Organuary, Sam Feltham said: “In the UK, livestock farming has a carbon footprint that is 2.5 times lower than the global average. This is partially because UK livestock are up to 90% grass fed and 85% of their water consumption comes from rainwater.

“Therefore, it is our view that if you buy standard British farmed organ meats, it’s potentially at least carbon neutral, if not a net benefit for carbon sequestration. I really hope that consumers in the UK and across the globe get behind Organuary and we are grateful to a highly respected trade association AIMS for its moral support.”

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