Toy roundabout for variety in the finishing shed

Weda will launch a system on rails to which various toys can be attached to keep piglets, growers and finishers occupied at EuroTier 2014. The PlayLine is an automatic system that allows the toys to be drawn from one pen to another once or twice a day to provide the animals with a new activity.

The company says research has shown that pigs quickly get used to the toys they are presented with, but PlayLine removes this problem by automatically rotating different toys between the different pens in a building.

Almost all variations of toys and manipulable material can be fastened to the chains of PlayLine including balls, biting stars, teething rings, wood, ropes, chain crosses, straw buckets and lick blocks. A special feature of the new system is that the materials are lifted clear of the pen divisions when moving from pen-to-pen.

Presenting the animals with different toys on a regular basis is said to promote wellbeing as boredom isn’t given a chance. Stress reactions like tail biting are also said to be reduced.

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