Slurry additive reduces odour and locks in nitrogen

A new slurry additive with a special, brand-new composition is now available to UK farmers. Marketed under the name of Active NS, it’s 100% natural and primarily composed of three different types of pre-processed clay minerals.

What differentiates this product from others is the quality and the choice of raw materials, as well as the special preparatory process. It has the particular property of absorbing slurry and water into its structure and slowly releasing it again. This process allows Active NS to operate as a buffer for both slurry and water, reducing the amount of fertiliser flushed into the groundwater. This also means Active NS works as a fertiliser booster.

The high ion-exchange effect of the product is also unique and helps restrict airborne pollution from ammonia, which can be a major nuisance. The Active NS powder does this by exchanging negatively and positively charged ions to bind the ammonia into the slurry, massively reducing the amount of ammonia vapour. This also results in a better fertilising value when the slurry is spread on the fields.

Agricultural benefits of NS Active

  • Binds up to 1.2kg NH3 per tonne of slurry.
  • More homogenous mass.
  • Floating crust on the slurry tank.
  • Easier handling.
  • Less nuisance odour.
  • Stir only once every 24 hours.

The powder also has a positive effect on the slurry during agitation, producing a more homogenous mass; and it will produce a crust on the top of the treated slurry in as little as 24 hours that also helps reduce odours and ammonia emissions.

Active NS is also said to be useful for anyone involved in biogas production, it has been shown to stabilise the entire anaerobic-digestion process and boost gas output.

Active NS is used by adding it to slurry at the rate of 20g for each cubic metre of slurry stored. It can be added via the reception pit, where it should be agitated vigorously before pumping into the slurry store, or it can be added directly to the slurry store when it is being agitated.

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