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Peter Rhodes Feed Services (PRFS), based at Storwood near York, is celebrating 40 years in business with a significant investment in the future. Founded by Peter Rhodes in 1973, the company has recently expanded its range of milling machinery with the purchase of a new 12t mixer from Austrian manufacturer Tropper, the first of its kind to be used in England.

Mr Rhodes’ commitment to home mill and mix is very deep rooted and goes right back to the 1970s when he ran his own pig unit.

“Significant savings can be made using our service most of the time,” he says. “There are periods when home mixing may not be the cheapest option due to fluctuations in cereal prices, but this is outweighed by the consistency of the diets giving peace of mind to the customer and maintaining the performance of the herd or flock.

“We take the view that what’s best for the customer will eventually be the best for us, even if it might not appear so in the short term. This approach has gained us respect across all the livestock industry.

“We’re now established as one of the major agricultural feed firms in the North, and it’s vital that we continually look at the latest technologies to stay ahead of the game. Previous significant investments in Buschoff mills allowed us to expand the business, and the new Tropper machine gives us the ability to maintain that momentum.”

The new machine has two 6t mixers and can mill, mix and add supplements – including liquids and micro ingredients such as medication – at the grainstore and then carry the finished feed to the livestock unit.

“By utilising the latest technologies, we’re able to offer a faster, more economical service that delivers consistently high-quality feed solutions for livestock,” Mr Rhodes says. “Farmers much prefer a clean, quiet and efficient milling service to what went before.”

Peter Rhodes’ son Michael now plays a major part in the running of the business. He got actively involved in the business in the early 2000s after spending time in Aberdeen working for animal nutrition specialist Norvite. His participation, along with the increase in resources, have helped to establish PRFS as a major player.

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