Distributors required for new bio-catalyser feed additive

The UK distributor of a new natural German feed additive that’s claimed to improve the performance of all classes of pigs is looking for a limited number of companies to assist with UK trials of the product.

Ron Edmonds of EWI Associates says he’s willing to supply Sanbio Sanan, from Gutenborn-Drossdorf-based Sanbos, at low cost to feed companies that can arrange field trials under UK conditions. Those co-operating with trials will then get favourable life-long discounts on the product because of their help.

Sanbio Sana is a natural, clay-based feed additive that’s said to: effectively bind mycotoxins; effectively bind endotoxins; stimulate the digestion; and protect against disease and degraded performance.

Sanbos says that even a low level of contamination of feedstuffs with toxins can lead to reduced feed intake, poor feed conversion and performance degradation that can result in significant economic losses.

As well as its toxin-binding effects, Sanbio Sana is also said to increase the performance level of livestock through bio-dynamic effects acquired through a bio-resonance process that “activates” the bentonite in the 70% of clay minerals that make up the product.

Sanbio Sana is said to degrade endogenous nitrogen compounds in the animal’s organs. This is claimed to optimise the acid-base balance and stimulates the metabolism, and the better digestion achieved improves feed conversion.

Other benefits are said to include improved fluidity of the resulting slurry that ensures fewer drainage problems, and a reduction of harmful gases and bad odours in the pig buildings – which should also have a positive effect on respiratory diseases and stress-related anxiety.

The recommended incorporation rate of Sanbio Sana in feedstuffs is between 1kg and 2kg/tonne, although it can be used at concentrations as low as 500g/tonne and has a maximum dosage rate of 20kg/tonne.

A 110-day farm-scale trial in Germany on two batches of 200-pigs resulted in feed intakes being 18.7% higher in the Sanbio Sana treated group (20kg/tonne from days one to seven; 1.0kg/tonne from day 8 to 15; and 0.5kg/tonne from day 15 onwards), as well as an10.4% increase in daily weight gain and final pig weights 7.8% higher.

A small-scale UK trial on two batches of 12 piglets weighing an average of 162kg and 163kg respectively on May 17 this year found that the group receiving Sanbio Sana weighed 246.5kg on June 5 and 435.5kg on July 8 compared to 238.0kg and 398.5kg for the control group. The total food consumed by the trial group was 25kg less to June 5 and 75kg less by July 8.

Feed companies that would like to trial Sanbio Sana should call Ron Edmonds on 01162 592590, or email: [email protected]

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