Breakthrough rodenticide features unique formulation

Barrettine Environmental Health has launched Romax Muskil, a unique new rodenticide that’s claimed to be an exciting breakthrough in rodenticide technology.

A patented formulation of 0.0025% difenacoum and 0.0025% bromadiolone, the product is first of its kind in the UK. The combined active ingredients in Romax Muskil are said to deliver superior results compared to the many existing products containing either bromadiolone or difenacoum as singular active formulations.

Whilst there are many other rodenticide products on the market that contain either difenacoum or bromadiolone in isolation, independent studies both in the lab and in the field have confirmed that Romax Muskil based on the combined lower level actives, delivers much better performance.

The key findings of the research are: rapid bait acceptance resulting in a faster kill; less bait required per baiting programme; control of certain anti-coagulant resistant strains; and the risk to non-target species is less compared to products containing 0.005% bromadiolone.

Successful trials have also demonstrated that less bait is required over a shorter baiting programme to effectively bringing infestations under control quickly, again reducing the risk to non-target species.

Romax Muskil is made from high-quality food-grade materials and contains natural rodent luring components. It’s available in three formulations: whole wheat, extruded multi-edged block and pasta sachets.

The block and sachet formulations benefit from the inclusion of a new Fluo-NP technology that contains a fluorescent dye visible in rodent droppings to help track rodent activity. Initial research has also shown Romax Muskil Fluo-NP baits are more attractive than standard baits resulting in an accelerated acceptance by rodents.

Romax Muskil is authorised by the Health and Safety Executive for indoor and outdoor use against rats and mice.

For more information call 01179 672222, or visit

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