Cool investment for JSR will deliver customer benefits

JSR has invested in an advanced cooling system within its AI boar accommodation as part of the company’s commitment to ensuring rigorous quality control methods and delivering the highest-quality products to customers.

Following a period of considerable research, the decision was made to install the new system that constantly monitors indoor and outdoor temperatures and feeds cold air via a fan system into the boar stud when the outdoor temperatures are more than 17C, helping to keep the boars’ core body temperatures at the optimum level.

Recent research has shown that semen can become damaged as a result of boars’ prolonged exposure to high temperatures, so this important investment will considerably reduce the risk of any semen abnormalities. The system, which cools the air by drawing it through water, maintains the indoor temperature within an optimum range for quality semen production.

JSR’s AI production manager, Steve Cook, is pleased with the new system and sees it as an important investment for the future supply of JSR semen.
“After an initial research period, the installation work was undertaken in spring 2013 to ensure it was completed and in place for the high temperatures that were forecast for the summer months,” he said. “The system allows us to keep the boars cool and protected, so that we can continue to deliver the highest possible quality products to our customers, leading to successful farrowing and conception, whatever the weather.”
“It’s particularly important for us to be able to keep indoor temperatures to a minimum at this time of year when demand for semen is high, as farmers serve more gilts in their efforts to minimise the impact of summer infertility.”
As well as being an extra quality control method in the supply of semen to its customers, the system will enable JSR to improve output and reduce waste from AI studs. It will also ensure that the semen produced not only meets the already rigorous BPEX standards, but far exceeds the industry requirements.

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