Survey shows demand for BBQ products spikes rapidly at 24-28°C

Research findings from a new survey carried out for the Met Office have identified BBQ products as the “most weather sensitive” for the nation’s big retailers.

According to survey feedback from the head of planning at a private label manufacturer, BBQ demand in the UK is “typically stable” up to about 22/23°C but then “spikes rapidly/exponentially” when temperatures hit 24-28°C.

The comment is contained in a Met Office report headed Understanding the role of weather in the supply chain.

With more than 200 food retailers and suppliers submitting a survey response, 47% ranked the weather as the fourth most important external factor driving consumer demand, behind obvious big-hitters such as events and holidays (80%), competitor activity (70%) and the economy (60%).

In relation specifically to the BBQ sector, however, one individual respondent commented: “In terms of ranking, weather has the most impact, even more than promotions.”

Another said: “Hot weekends are the real drivers of demand when you get very large spikes with 30-40% increases (in demand) being possible overnight.”

The report also found that two-thirds of retailers think forecasting consumer demand has become harder, with weather forecasts playing an increasing part in their businesses, particularly as they relate to forecasting footfall and online traffic and planning marketing campaigns.

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