A quiet week for both processors and producers

This week’s Slaughter Pig Marketing Summary, from Thames Valley Cambac, reported that trade was quiet with processors more inclined to match kill plans to factory staff holidays, and producers more interested in harvest and straw baling.

TVC - 12.08.19
Supply was similar to the previous week, and matched the lacklustre demand. Contract prices were similar with all price contributions standing on. The fresh meat market remained steady, but there were odd glimpses of improving demand due to the increased price of imports.

However, some of the smaller multi species processors had curtailed throughputs due to a religious festival. The cull sow market continued to race ahead, up another 7p on the back of excellent demand from the continent.

Prices in Europe rose dramatically, due in part to tighter supplies and a lack of buffer stocks. Belgium and Germany rose eight and seven euro cents respectively, and Holland added six. Quotes in sterling were enhanced further by a stronger Euro that ended the week up 1.31p at 92.82p.

The Weaner Marketing Summary, for week commencing August 4, reported that supplies of 7kgs weaners were plentiful, with increased numbers being seen from many producers. Demand remained fickle for any supplies outside contract commitments.

The prices announced by the AHDB saw no quote given for a 30kg store pig, and the weighted average for a 7kg weaner rise by £1.10 to £39.80p.

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