Vets seek flunixin alternative

The immediate suspension by the VMD of eight flunixin painkiller drugs containing the excipient diethanolamine (DEA) has left veterinary professionals seeking alternatives.

Bayer said that one option is Dinalgen, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) injection, which is approved for use in cattle, pigs and horses.

“Dinalgen contains ketoprofen as the active ingredient, and is available as a 150mg/ml solution for injection in cattle, pigs and horses,” said Fraser Claughton, Bayer UK & Ireland’s commercial manager.

“The more concentrated format allows this product to provide a small dose, fast relief NSAID, and is available in the UK and Ireland.”

In cattle, Dinalgen is licensed for the reduction of inflammation and pain associated with lameness, post-partum and musculoskeletal disorders; the reduction of fever associated with bovine respiratory disease; and the reduction of inflammation, fever and pain in acute clinical mastitis in combination with antimicrobial therapy where appropriate.

“One of the major benefits of its use in cattle is the zero hours withdrawal period for milk and two days for meat,” said Mr Claughton.

“It’s also licensed for use in pigs for the reduction of pyrexia in cases of respiratory disease and postpartum dysgalactia syndrome in sows, in combination with antimicrobial therapy.”


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