Fresh PEDV warning follows ‘significant escalation’ of cases in Manitoba

UK pig farmers have been warned to remain vigilant in relation to the continued threat of porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus (PEDV) following a ‘significant escalation’ of cases in Manitoba, Canada, since May this year.

“The situation in Canada serves as a reminder that strains of both virulent and less virulent PED virus are still actively circulating in some parts of the world,” said Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) pig specialist, Allan Ward, in a new alert to producers.

“Thus, the introduction of PEDV to the UK pig population remains a risk and veterinarians attending pig units should review all measures with their pig-keeping clients, particularly those relating to biosecurity, to minimise any risks of virus introduction. It is also important that vets ensure their clients are aware of the clinical signs of PED and their responsibility to report or consult their vet if they have concerns.”

Mr Ward was commenting on reports from the Manitoba Government’s official website that since May there have been over 50 cases of PED confirmed on farms in the region.

“This represents a significant escalation as prior to May this year, only 10 PED cases had been confirmed in Manitoba since the first in February 2014.  The first Canadian case of PED was confirmed on an Ontario farm in January 2014.”

Mr Ward added that any importations of pigs or semen into the UK should continue to follow guidance in the National Pig Association voluntary import protocol and involve vet to vet discussions early in the planning stages.

“As in other countries, minimising the risk of PED being introduced into the UK pig population requires vigilance and attention to detail across the pig industry,” he said.

No PEDV has been detected in over 700 diagnostic submissions to APHA from pigs with diarrhoea between June 2013 and June 2017 through PCR testing funded by AHDB Pork. Since 2014, SAC have tested 6940 routine monitoring samples for PED and TGE, and approx. half of those were also tested for Deltacorona virus. The results were negative for all tests. SAC have not had any PED-suspected samples submitted.

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