Water treatment effective against viruses

MS Schippers said its commercial water cleaning product, Di-O-Clean, is effective in combating viruses, including African swine fever (ASF).

Laboratory test results, the company said, show that pathogens do not survive treatment with the product.

The Di-O-Clean product is being used for a long time in livestock farming for cleaning and disinfecting water systems. In practice, this is done in two ways: one-off in a high concentration in order to thoroughly clean contaminated systems and continuously in a low concentration as maintenance treatment in drinking water. The latter in order to keep the system clean and germ-free.

The basic principle is that the product removes the biofilm in the water pipe and that it prevents the formation of it. It also tackles other contaminants such as iron and manganese deposits, without affecting the taste or odor of the water or creating unfavorable by-products. Recent research by the German research institute Labor Enders has shown that it is effective against pathogens, including viruses such as ASF. The product is not only permitted in pig farming, but also in poultry and cattle farming.

Guus Verhaag, water product specialist at Summit Water Systems, said: “Many farmers do not realise that 80% of the diseases can spread via the drinking water system.”

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