Slaughter Pig Marketing Summary: Demand steadied

This week’s Slaughter Pig Marketing Summary from Thames Valley Cambac reported that demand steadied a touch, and was not helped by stormy weather causing flooding and roof damage to a couple of processing plants.

TVC - 24.09.18
However, hastily arranged Saturday kills avoided the need to roll too many pigs into this trading week. There was an upturn in supply, with reports of a welcome improvement in growth rates. Average weights increased again, but are still tracking 1.4kgs below last year’s levels. Most weekly price contributions stood on, with one exception.

The fresh meat market had a subdued feel to it with many outlets not seeing any improvement in demand now that the schools are back. The cull sow market eased on the back of poorer European trade, triggered in the main by the ASF outbreak in Belgian wild boars.

The Belgian price collapsed, losing over 14 euro cents, France was down over six, and Germany down four. All quotes in sterling were enhanced however, by a stronger Euro that ended the week up 0.17p at 89.40p.

The Weaner Marketing Summary, for week commencing September 16, reported that the market continued to struggle, with minimal demand for any supplies outside contract arrangements.

Some spot market quotes were very low, and some batches remained unsold. The prices announced by the AHDB saw the weighted average for a 30kgs pig fall by £2.76 to £50.98 and the weighted average for a 7kg fall by £2.73 to £35.01.

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