Porky Lights sausages claims Trading Standards supports low fat claim, despite test results

The controversy over Porky Lights sausages is continuing, after Trading Standards results showed an average fat content higher than the 3g per 100g claimed on the pack.

However, the sausage manufacturer G White & Co, claimed the results were within ‘the maximum tolerance’ allowed by Trading Standards. Tests of four samples of Porky Lights found an average 3.89% fat. This is higher than the 3g fat content that is stipulated as a requirement for a product to be labelled low fat.

However, G White & Co said this was “considerably lower than the tolerances allowed for according to the Public Analysts’ guidelines for the manufacturing of a natural product such as a pork sausage (1.5g per 100g of fat). This means the Porky Lights are well below the maximum tolerance and allowed by the Public Analyst and Trading Standards.”

The sausages gained national attention when Slimming World announced it would no longer classify Porky Lights as half a Syn, the value it gives to unhealthy treats, and instead would rate them as 4.5 Syns, in line with all other sausages. The dieting organisation sent the sausages to a lab for testing after a group taste test raised suspicions the product tasted too good to be as low fat as the packaging claimed.

The BBC One Show have also undertaken their own independent tests on Porky Lights bought from the Porky Whites online store. Their tests found an average fat content of 5.0g per 100g based on three samples. However, G White & Co, said this was because their tests were based on uncooked sausages. “Grilling a sausage or cooking on a dry heat usually accounts for about another 1-2% loss in fat bringing their results in line with ours and well within the allowed tolerances outlined above. We choose to base our tests on cooked products because this is more representative of how they are eaten and this is broadly speaking, the industry standard.”

In a statement, managing director Chris Price said: “We sincerely hope that this will bring an end to the confusion and public concern around this popular product and Slimming World will feel confident in immediately reinstating it on their database with it’s original 1/2 Syn value.

“As a family run business that has really felt the impact of all of the recent interest, we want to express our sincere thanks to all of the kind messages of support from our customers and who’ve continued to purchase and enjoy our products and hope that they can now return to enjoying Porky Lights in the full knowledge that they can be enjoyed as part of a low fat diet.”

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