ForFarmers and Trouw Nutrition launch new VIDA piglet feeds

ForFarmers has developed a new feed concept for piglets with Trouw Nutrition under the VIDA brand. The new range is aimed at piglets from day one up until the finisher phase, and with the company launching VIDA in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK and Belgium this month, it will be its largest international product launch so far.

VIDA is the result of the first joint collaboration between two leading specialists – ForFarmers and Trouw Nutrition (part of Nutreco). The new range is powered by Milkiwean, one of the best-known piglet feed brands in the world. The Milkiwean piglet feeding concept from Trouw Nutrition is underpinned by world-class scientific research, product application and know how.

The unique collaboration between ForFarmers’ Nutrition Innovation Centre (NIC) and Trouw Nutrition’s dedicated R&D facilities offers a level of innovative nutritional power not seen before.

“The partnership’s knowledge of raw materials, specific production facilities and the combined scientific research facilities, together with ForFarmers’ strong customer relationships, specialist advice and local expertise, makes VIDA a unique and leading concept, delivering a lifetime of total piglet performance,” ForFarmers chief executive, Yoram Knoop, said.

Trouw Nutrition’s global marketing director, Richard Maatman, added that VIDA represented more added value for pig farmers.

“We have, as a result of our strategic partnership with ForFarmers, created the new concept and range of Piglet feeds that brings to the market a level of nutritional innovation never seen before,” he said. “By combining Trouw Nutrition’s expertise and knowledge of R&D in piglet feeding with ForFarmers R&D from its NIC, we have created a knowledge pool that’s both unique and unprecedented in the animal feed industry.”


The new range is powered by Milkiwean, one of the best-known piglet feed brands in the world

Targeting number one
ForFarmers is targeting the number one market position as a supplier of piglet feed to pig farmers in North-west Europe with the introduction of the VIDA piglet feeds. The main objective is to be able to provide every type of sow farm with piglet feed that’ll result in outstanding growth, health and efficiency. This in turn should provide the producer with a demonstrably improved physical and financial performance.

A good result on the farm will be dependent on more than simply the piglet feed itself, however, and this is why the VIDA concept is based on four pillars:

  • Ensuring VIDA is at the top of international research and practical knowledge, brought together by ForFarmers and Trouw Nutrition.
  • There are specialised product lines within the VIDA piglet feed ranges in each of the four countries where it will be launched.
  • A sophisticated composition and preparation of raw materials (VIDA doesn’t contain ordinary soya, but ultra finely ground soya combined with other highly digestible ingredients), means piglets can maximise the dietary protein for growth purposes.
  • A team of specialists who are completely focused on supporting customers with the feeding of their piglets and sows will be available in each country where VIDA is being introduced to support customers in harnessing the full potential of the feed concept in their business.

VIDA piglet feeds have already been tested on more than 26,000 piglets on more than 40 farms throughout North-west Europe. In addition, the new products have been rigorously tested in Trouw Nutrition’s research centres during the past six months. This extensive testing is unprecedented and underpins the outstanding results being achieved in test facilities, but most importantly on commercial farms all over Northern Europe.

Feed Intake levels are very impressive, proving that the feeds are highly palatable; growth rates are outstanding; and feed efficiency is substantially improved on all the VIDA products.

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