First swine-specific mycotoxin deactivator hits the market

Ultrasorb S is a brand new, species-specific mycotoxin deactivator that has been developed exclusively for use in swine diets. Based on the highly effective Ultrasorb mycotoxin deactivator, the formulation of Ultrasorb S is designed to more accurately target both the mycotoxin threat faced by swine and the physiological conditions of the pig’s gastro-intestinal tract.

Launched by Micron Bio-Systems as part of a range of species-specific mycotoxin deactivators – including products for poultry (Ultrasorb P) and ruminants (Ultrasorb R) – Ultrasorb S was developed following extensive research into the differing mycotoxin loads faced by individual species and the conditions under which mycotoxin deactivator activity is optimised.

“The conditions in the pig’s stomach and small intestine are very different to those found in poultry or in the rumen, yet mycotoxin deactivators have until now always been developed along a one-size-fits-all strategy,” Micron Bio-Systems technical manager Liz Norton said. “Modifications for different species were limited to simply adjusting dose rate to bodyweight.

“But what became clear from our research is that binding material efficacy varied considerably at the different pHs that occur in the gastro-intestinal tract (GIT) of different animal species. As a result, optimum efficacy was only achieved if the materials used were matched to the individual species.”

The mycotoxin threat faced by each species also differs. The Fusarium spp mycotoxins fumonisin (FUM) and Zearalenone (ZON) are acutely toxic to pigs, for example, yet only mildly toxic to poultry.

“Ultrasorb S retains Micron’s core transformation and degradation technology, so continues to be highly effective in tackling the non-polar mycotoxins like FUM and ZON, which are both highly toxic to pigs and extremely prevalent in cereal-based pig diets,” Ms Norton added. “It’s also effective against the trichothecenes, deoxynivalenol (DON) and T2 toxin, as well as the aflatoxins produced by Aspergillus spp and other key mycotoxins damaging to pig health and performance, such as the ochratoxins.

“In addition, Ultrasorb S contains specific selected essential oils proven in independent trials to help combat the combined effects of mycotoxins and moulds within the GIT. Often overlooked, it’s an additional challenge that can severely damage the lining of the GIT, and along with reduced feed palatability, considerably reduce economic returns from pig production.”

>>  Ultrasorb S was developed by Micron Bio-Systems and is distributed in the UK by AB Vista. For more information, call 02894 473478, or visit:

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