Updated Schippers Piglet Treatment Wagon launched

MS Schippers exhibited its latest Piglet Treatment Wagon at Agromek 2014 held at Herning, Denmark.

The new version of this time-saving device has a couple of improvements that have been implemented to benefit both the operator and the piglet.

First, the cauterising blade on the unit’s tail docker is now fitted with an extraction fan that sucks any fumes from the process away from the operator’s face, making it more pleasant to use.

Second, the Piglet Treatment Wagon now comes with an automatic ear tagger that installs the company’s ear tags much more quickly, efficiently and hygienically. With both hands free, the operator can keep a much better hold of the piglet and its ear as it’s inserted into the unit and the tag applied.

The firm’s latest tags have a much smaller post and naturally require a smaller hole in the ear, which is said to reduce the chances of it tearing. Also, a spray of disinfectant is automatically applied to the ear during the application process, which is reported to cut the chances of infection.

Denmark is one of MS Schippers’ major European markets, so the firm was keen to show off the new innovation – which can now dock, tag and vaccinate up to 15 litters each hour – to the country’s pig producers.

For more information visit: www.msschippers.co.uk

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