More effective than formaldehyde-based disinfectants

East Yorkshire-based Biolink has introduced a new disinfectant, BioShield P, that can be used to replace formaledehyde-based products that are being removed from the market because of safety fears.

The company has been working on the product for more than two years with the aim of coming up with a solution that would be more effective than formaldehyde. Its assessments have been based on efficacy against the broad spectrum of organisms that formaldehyde kills, as well as health and safety, time and cost.

BioShield P is a glutaraldehyde-based product that kills the same broad spectrum of organisms as formaldehyde. Trial work carried out by Dow Chemicals and Biolink has involved laboratory testing, on-farm swabbing, monitoring and capturing user’s subjective perception. Third party customers and vets have also been involved with the trials, which included counting the total surviving bacteria on surfaces where BioShield P had been applied.

Each test has involved comparing BioShield P with formaldehyde as it’s such a well-known disinfectant. In each of the test arenas, BioShield P was shown to leave equal or lower counts of bacteria than the traditional formaldehyde-containing products.

Importantly, BioShield P is not carcinogenic or a mutagenic product (although it is a sensitising agent and care should always be taken when using any chemical), and test data has demonstrated that houses can be re-entered, after venting, just three hours after fogging – far sooner than the 24 hours needed with formaldehydes.

From a cost perspective, BioShield P also works out cheaper per application than formaldehyde, based on application into a house or area of equal sizing.

BioShield P, together with BioTurbo and Bi-OO-Cyst, makes up Biolink’s “Platinum Programme” for cleaning and disinfection.

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