Antioxidant blend delivers immune system boost

Increased absorption and superior distribution within the animal help ensure that Trouw AO-mix, a new range of antioxidants from Frank Wright Trouw Nutrition International, delivers exceptional support for health, vitality and fertility in a cost-effective form.

Antioxidants are crucial for overall health in monogastrics. They protect cells from damage caused by the destructive effect of free radicals and help animals withstand the effects of stress, a common trigger for disease problems.

“Antioxidants such as vitamin E have been included in pig and poultry diets for many years,” explains Frank Wright Trouw Nutrition International nutritionist Sarah Rennie. “To deliver optimum protection antioxidants must be effectively absorbed and then efficiently distributed throughout the animal. Improving bioavailability to increase digestibility and distribution can ensure maximum anti-oxidant protection, and allow reduced inclusion rates.”

Trouw AO-Mix is a blend of antioxidants for inclusion in the diets of monogastrics that has been developed based on how well the components actually perform in the animals’ digestive system, ensuring they reach every part of cells. It increases the spectrum of activity against free radicals and there are specific blends to optimise performance in all classes of pigs and poultry.For more information call 01335 341100 or visit:

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