Active glucose source improves sow productivity

A new supplementary feed for reproductive sows can boost sow and piglet vitality and also support future reproductive performance, increasing sow productivity.

Dextrosow, from Trouw Nutrition GB, contains dextrose, the active form of glucose, that’s an essential energy source and necessary for many metabolic processes. It also stimulates insulin production, and that plays a significant role in getting sows to return to oestrus.

In addition, Dextrosow contains a carefully balanced blend of vitamins to support reproductive productivity and piglet viability.

Fed to gilts one week prior to first service, and to sows between weaning and oestrus, Dextrosow increases energy supply and stimulates ovulation.

“Together, these help develop large, similarly sized follicles that result in more uniform birthweights and reduced early embryo mortality,” Trouw Nutrition GB pig specialist Dr Sian Nichols (pictured top) said. “In trials, supplementing gilts with Dextrosow improved piglets born alive by 1.6 pigs/litter.”

Dextrosow can also be fed to sows a few days before and after farrowing to give the sow and piglets a vital energy boost. This aids the onset of lactation, improving piglet viability and reducing pre-weaning mortality.

Dextrosow also helps prevent constipation, which is a key risk factor for MMA syndrome.
Fed at a rate of 150g/head, Dextrosow is palatable and readily consumed and can be top-dressed onto the existing ration or incorporated into the feed.

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