New injector ‘meets swine producers’ requirements for compliance and safety’

In response to the key compliance and safety challenges faced by pig producers, Datamars Livestock has developed the Simcro VS Injector.

The VS injector can be matched to on-farm treatment protocols with accurate, in-built fixed dose volumes and coloured identification bands. The interchangeable needle guard minimises accidental needle stick injuries for operator safety and reduces the chance of needle breakage, and the entire injector can be boiled or disinfected to comply with on-farm hygiene regimes.

Andrew Jackson, Datamars commercial general manager UK and Ireland , said: “The Simcro VS Injector meets swine producers’ requirements for compliance and safety – with state-of-the-art features allowing producers and veterinarians to administer animal health vaccines and treatments with optimum operator safety, treatment efficacy and ease of uses.”

The VS injector also incorporates an optional interchangeable Ink Stamp marking system, allowing vaccination crews to visibly identify treated animals – and managers to maximise animal welfare and treatment efficacy, by checking the injection has been administered in the correct location.

The Injector has also been ergonomically designed to be a balanced and efficient device that can be used comfortably over extended periods of time.

Datamars conducted extensive market research in conjunction with industry, and feedback was obtained from a range of industry stakeholders including swine producers, veterinarians, vaccination crews, safety managers, and industry bodies in the United States, Europe and Australia.

Once the concepts were finalised, extensive on-farm field trials were conducted in the United States, Australia and New Zealand to assess functionality and performance.

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