Environment Agency turns down Foston pig plan

An application by Midland Pig Producers to create Foston Pig Unit and Anaerobic Digestion Plant in Derbyshire has been refused by the Environment Agency (EA), after a campaign which lasted four years.

The original plan envisaged a development for 2500 sows and 14,000 pig rearing places, a project which drew strong opposition from campaigners.

The EA, in announcing its decision, commented: “The reason for refusal is that, based on the information that has been provided to us, we cannot be satisfied that the activities can be undertaken without resulting in significant pollution of the environment due to odour which will result in offence to human senses and impair amenity and/or legitimate uses of the environment.”

While the EA’s detailed explanation of its decision runs to 55 pages, a summary statement includes the following points:

  • Our experience from other similar permitted activities show that activities of the type proposed have a significant potential to release odour in such quantities as to cause significant pollution at nearby receptors.
  • Our assessment of the proposed odour management techniques for the site identified a significant number of deficiencies and uncertainties in the proposals which means we are not satisfied the proposals are BAT and have little confidence in the Applicant’s ability to effectively control odour on site at all times.
  • We are also not confident that the Applicant’s assumptions on achievable odour levels used in odour impact assessment can be relied upon to provide a realistic view on the levels of odour that will be experienced at receptors. 

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