Rattlerow to offer top-rated herd recording system

Pig breeding and genetics company Rattlerow Farms has formed a strategic alliance with livestock genetics and pig management consultancy Data To Decisions to promote and expand PigCom, a windows-based herd-recording program.

A partnership formed between Rattlerow and the director of Data To Decisions, Ed Sutcliffe, includes an agreement that will see the transfer of Rattlerow’s own production data and statistical records, from its entire pig breeding and finishing operation, onto the newly updated PigCom system. The information and statistics, produced from more than 40 sites, is a significant addition to PigCom’s growing database. Rattlerow will also promote PigCom in the UK as a Rattlerow-branded product.

Rattlerow has trialled a number of herd-recording systems during the past few years, but has found PigCom is more suited to the batch production and weekly data recording requirements used on its farms. The program’s clear tabular and graphical presentation of monthly and weekly data is simple to interpret for both breeding and rearing herds. This data is supported by a suite of more in depth reports and summaries that are also easy to generate and understand.

Rattlerow managers and stockmen say they have found PigCom a valuable addition to their management routines, enabling them to record statistics and identify and analyse production trends in a straightforward, user-friendly format.

The joint managing director of Rattlerow Farms, Robert Lawson, said the company was delighted to be working with Mr Sutcliffe.

“Ed has a close association with us having worked in our genetics team and maintained a consultancy role for many years,” he added. “We believe this new partnership will benefit both our own pig breeding and production businesses and also open up new opportunities for our customers and existing PigCom clients.”

The PigCom alliance adds another dimension to the comprehensive herd recording, data analysis and accounting system already used by Rattlerow. It will also provide customers using its GenMatch system for breeding replacement females with a more simplified means of calculating breeding values, thus aiding selection decisions.

The PigCom data recording system has taken more than 10 years to develop and is now rated as one of the most advanced pig management software packages available. The system is used worldwide by commercial pig production businesses, and also herds linked to international breeding company databases.

Rattlerow will promote PigCom in the UK as a Rattlerow-branded product alongside Data To Decisions. While specific packages will be available to the breeding company’s customers, PigCom will remain competitively priced alongside other herd recording systems.

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