Probable pylon payment of £15,697 could instead be a “possible” £230,000

Landowners could be owed thousands in pylon damage and disturbance compensation according to a leading rural practice surveyor.

New research results published by land and property specialists, George F White, includes an assessment of the potential loss of income which can be suffered by landowners when an annual wayleave payment for a pylon is converted into a one-time settlement. 

The example given, covering a mixed arable land, residential and commercial property, went from a “probable payment of £15,697″ using the one-time approach to a “possible compensation payment of over £230,000″ when properly assessed according to the reduced value of the property concerned.

“Our findings show that, overall, the compensation amount payable should be much higher than the current amounts being issued for permanent rights,” said George F. White’s rural practice surveyor, Robert Moore (pictured), adding that while electricity distributors often capitalise annual wayleave payments, leaving landowners with a one-off imbursement, research has revealed this amounts to landowners getting “a lot less than what they should be getting”.

“In simple terms if there are two identical houses – one with a pylon in the garden and the other without – the one with the pylon is clearly going to be worth less. It is this loss in value which needs assessing.”

Mr Moore added that landowners who are considering granting permanent rights to electricity distributors should consider very carefully whether the offer on the table is truly reflective of the loss in value to the property.

“Once a permanent right is handed over and a compensation amount agreed, it’s too late to look back,” he said.

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