Indoor systems lead on “mostly positive” performance gains

Continued improvements in both sow productivity and feed efficiency levels “paint a mostly positive” for the physical performance of the GB pig herd, according to BPEX.

Based on the latest figures Agrosoft, sow productivity has continued to improve this year, particularly in indoor systems.

“The number of pigs weaned per indoor sow in the year to September 2014 averaged 25.8, up from 24.1 in the preceding 12 months,” said BPEX. “In contrast, productivity from outdoor sows was little changed on a year earlier, at 21.7 pigs per sow per year, although this was slightly higher than in the previous quarter.

“The increase for indoor breeders was driven by more than half an extra piglet born alive per litter, up from 12.1 in the year to September 2013 to 12.7 a year later. Litter sizes also increased outdoors, from 11.0 to 11.3 born alive.”

Feed efficiency in the rearing herd also improved, with the average FCR falling from 1.75 in the year to September 2013 to 1.60 in the 12 months ending this September.

“The rate of weight gain during this stage was little changed on recent periods, at a fraction under 500g/day,” observed BPEX, adding that feed conversion in the finishing herd was also similar to a year earlier, but slightly worse than in more recent quarters, partly due to the heavier finished weights over the last year.”

FCR in the finishing herd (from 35kg to finish) averaged 2.74 over the year to September, compared with 2.78 in the previous 12 months. In addition, daily weight gain was slightly higher, at 828g/day.

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