Indoor breeders lead productivity improvement

The latest performance data shows a further improvement in the GB pig breeding herd, driven by the indoor sector, according to BPEX.

While reporting that performance also “improved somewhat in the feeding herd” over the last year, BPEX commented that “outdoor productivity was slightly lower”.

“The latest physical performance data from Agrosoft shows a further improvement in GB breeding herd performance overall, with the number of pigs weaned per sow per year averaging 23.6 in the year to June 2014,” reported BPEX. “This was up from the 22.9 recorded in the previous 12 months, although a change in methodology means the figures are not directly comparable.

“The increase was driven by indoor producers, who weaned an average of 25.6 pigs, up by 1.5 on a year earlier. Improvements were recorded for each of the key measures contributing to the average: litters per sow per year, piglets born alive per litter and pre-weaning mortality.

“In contrast, overall productivity of outdoor producers was actually slightly lower than in the year to June 2013, averaging 21.6. A slight improvement in the number born alive per litter was offset by higher mortality rates and a small drop in litters per sow.”

Performance data for the feeding herd over the last year showed a feed conversion ratio in the rearing stage which was “marginally better” at 1.73. There was a faster improvement in the finishing herd, however, where the FCR was down from 2.81 in the year to June 2013 to 2.66 in the following 12 months. Daily weight gain was higher than a year earlier in the rearing herd, up from 488g to 511g/day, with little change in the finishing herd, at just under 800g/day.

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