Excellent demand at Pythouse retirement sale

Auctioneer Peter Crichton reported an excellent demand for a wide range of good-quality, well-maintained outdoor pig equipment at John Syckelmoore’s retirement auction held near Shaftesbury, Dorset, on September 13. With a number of buyers looking to re-equip large-scale outdoor units, prices were firm from start to finish, with every lot sold.

A useful selection of feeding equipment included Peter Allen ad-lib nut feeders selling to £340; a range of galvanised square-shaped outdoor ad-lib hoppers with lids making up to £420; and double-sided, two-space ad-lib sow hoppers with lids selling between £400 and £610.

Galvanised gates and hurdles sold at near new prices, with sets of six 8ft galvanized gates with stock-board panels at £235, and seven 8ft weaner-hut stock-board clad hurdles averaging £50 each.

A set of 60 6m Harvey outdoor sow feeding troughs (new in 2012) all sold readily to a top price of £131 each to average £127 each, and more could easily have been sold. And a useful choice of 50 galvanised 8ft drinking troughs sold to a top price of £45 each, with the majority between £32 and £44.

Housing included six Challow 16ft insulated weaner kennels selling for between £280 and £285 each; and a selection of 77 John Booth galvanised, insulated farrowing kennels met a strong inquiry, selling for between £200 and £230, to average £212 each.

Other farrowing arcs included John Booth insulated half-round examples that sold readily between £200 and £250.

The farm’s dry sow arcs were generally older types and sold according to quality, with Jumbo Arcs making up to £150, but others in poorer condition at between £50 to £100.

Other equipment included a Peter Allen one-tonne Rotafeeder that met strong demand at £2,850, while an older, similar version made £1,500. A one-tonne Rotafeeder with a petrol engine sold at £2,100.

A two-tonne Peter Allen auger trailer also attracted plenty of interest over the telephone and sold for £2,400.

Bulk bins sold in-situ included a 14-tonne Sowesco at £1,450; a nine-tonne Collinson at £1,350; and a 14-tonne Rowlands at £1,050. All three were high-level, side-discharge types.

A useful range of sundry items included metal electric fencing posts, sold in bundles of 100, for anywhere between £27 and £80 per lot. Fox fencing posts made to £320; cable reels for between £180 and £200 per group; mains electric fencers to £80; alkathene pipe fittings between £65 and £105 for mixed lots; alkathene pipe to £40 per reel; and wooden hurdles to £50 per set.

Peter Crichton’s next sale is a dispersal sale of equipment from North Farm Livestock’s 800-sow unit at Crostwick, Norfolk, on September 27. The catalogue can be downloaded via the link below.

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