EU weaner prices stay well below 2014 levels

Average EU weaner prices to the end of May are well back on 2014 levels, according to BPEX.

“Prices so far this year have followed their normal seasonal pattern, peaking in the spring but have been €5-15 (£3.65-£11) lower than those seen in 2014,” reported BPEX, adding that prices in the week ended May 31, this year, were the equivalent of £7.30 down on the same period 12 months ago.

“This is despite feed prices currently being at low levels, as the low prices seen in the finished pig market have led to limited demand for weaners. So far in 2015, prices increased in the early part of the year, to peak in the week ended 13 April at €44.93 (£32.90) per head but have been falling since.”

This recent fall in the EU average weaner price was largely driven by a major drop in the price of Spanish weaners in May with the Netherlands also registering a large fall in this period.

Most other major producers, including Germany, France, Poland and the UK all recorded falls at around the equivalent of £2.20 or less. No key markets showed an increase in the period, although Danish prices remained stable.

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