Case study farm achieves eight pig per sow gain in three years

A 240-sow breeding and finishing unit which started off with a production level of 22 pigs/sow/annum was successfully transformed over a three-year period to an output of 29.92 pigs/sow/annum.

The transformation is featured as one of seven feed case studies, newly published by the Feed Adviser Register (FAR).

The study quotes independent feed adviser, Alan Ford, and Trouw Nutrition feed specialist, Dr Sian Nichols, both FAR members, who worked together with the unnamed producer.

While Dr Nichols provided knowledge transfer input, drawing on research and development results from around the world, Mr Ford provided “hands-on advice” on feed issues, commenting that working with “enthusiastic producers who are willing to try new techniques is one of the keys to success”.

The main factors in the 22-29.92 pigs/sow/annum improvement included:

  • the practical application of research on farm,
  • introduction of new products to the diet,
  • reduced weaning to service intervals,
  • better vitamin levels including folic acids, and
  • a new vaccination regime.

FAR is a register for feed advisers and is intended for people that provide advice on feeding livestock to farmers. It was set up in 2013 by AIC and the feed sector in response to Government, industry and customer demands, predominately in relation to requests for Greenhouse Gas emission (GHG) reductions within the livestock sector. Three years on, the organisation has begun to assemble a library of case studies to display its “measurable results”.

Headline image shows Mr Ford and Dr Nichols

Access all seven FAR case studies




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