RVC webinar addresses vital LA-MRSA questions

The issues surrounding what LA-MRSA means for the pig industry are to be addressed during a two-hour webinar, produced by the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), which will be available for viewing by mid-October.

Presented by RVC’s professor of veterinary dermatology, Prof. David Lloyd, the college says the webinar is a response to the fact that LA-MRSA has been receiving “much attention in the press over the past few months, with media reporting fuelling some public alarm”.

The webinar is billed as an update which will inform all interested parties on what they need to know about LA-MRSA, while also helping people give “informed advice to clients, colleagues and others in the sector”.

Part one of the presentation will look at the origin of MRSA, MRSA in humans & animals and the emergence of LA-MRSA.

Part two will look at LA-MRSA in the UK, acquisition & transmission and controlling LA-MRSA.

Due to be ready for viewing from Oct 15, the webinar costs £30 and will remain visible for two weeks.

Prof. Lloyd’s presentation will focus on the following questions:

  • What is the prevalence of LA-MRSA in UK compared with EU and is it changing?
  • With trade occurring between UK and LA-MRSA positive countries, what measures could be implemented to reduce the risk of importing it?
  • What are the risks to the health of pigs with LA-MRSA?
  • Are there any risks to pig workers, veterinarians or pork eaters?
  • What advice would you give in the event of LA-MRSA being identified on a pig farm?
  • How can pig producers and vets reduce the risk of LA-MRSA occurring on their units?
  • Are there any additional risks on multi-species farms?

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