PEDv outbreaks in Ukraine prompt stark “disease spread” warning from USDA

Multiple outbreaks of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea (PED) have been reported on commercial-scale farms in Ukraine this year, with “insufficient attention” being paid to the outbreak by the industry and authorities, according to a report from the USDA foreign agricultural service (FAS).

The report goes on to warn that the continuation of such “insufficient attention” may result in the further spreading of the virus which could have a “significant adverse impact on pork production in 2014-15″.

“Moreover,” added USDA, “it may also result in the further spread of the virus to neighbouring countries, such as Poland, causing a major production decrease in 2015.”

The report, which notes that PED is not on the OIE list of notifiable terrestrial and aquatic animal diseases, also states that when FAS officials contacted Ukraine’s Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service (VS) they did not “recognise” the danger of the PED virus epidemic.

FAS went on to say that following contact with the country’s largest swine producer association, the Swine Breeders of Ukraine (SB), it was discovered that SB members had reported “three to four” cases of PED this year, with additional cases being known on non-member farms. As a result, swine farmers in Ukraine are “on alert” and have reportedly increased biosecurity practices as a preventive measure.

Even so, added USDA, according to “internet sources” the disease spread in Ukraine “accelerated in November/December 2014″.

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