AHDB Pork tweets about heat stress issues for pig units

AHDB Pork has posted a series of tweets today to help producers ensure their pigs don’t become heat stressed during the current hot spell.

Advice points, which also cover the possible breeding impact of hot weather, include the following:

  • Indoor pigs can’t wallow. Where possible make an area of wet concrete for them to lie on.
  • Take advantage of prevailing winds and position pig arcs so they face into the wind. Provide a shaded area for your pigs to move out of direct sunlight.
  • Your sows will be feeling the heat as much as you. Try to serve at either end of the day when it will be cooler and ensure shade is available.
  • Record periods of hot weather on a calendar and check semen quality for up to eight weeks afterwards.

Producers are also invited to access case study details which demonstrate the benefits of wallows on the well-being of sows and for reducing heat stress.

Access AHDB Pork’s heat stress advice for outdoor pigs

Access wallows case study


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