Peter Crichton’s commentary for July 8, 2016

As each week passes by, more of a sellers’ rather than a buyers’ market is emerging, which is a refreshing change from the situation earlier this year. Some of us can still remember the 90p baconer price with a slight tingling in our buttocks.

Although the SPP has only risen by 1.61p to 123.77p, spot prices are continuing to romp ahead with quotes around the 135p mark fairly commonplace, and odd reports of prices touching 140p, but generally on a tighter spec.

Contract bids are also continuing to improve, with most weekly announced contribution prices are between 125p and 133p, reflecting of rises of between 2 to 3p in the main.

Cull sow prices are also continuing to head north, with values up by 3 to 4p on the week and bids generally in the 75 to 78p range according to load size. The recent improvement in cull sow and finished pig prices is due to the happy combination of a much weaker pound, with the euro trading at 85.51p, compared with 73.4p at the start of the year.

Much higher EU prices have also helped to lift pigmeat values across the board, coupled with current strong demand from the Chinese market.

Weaner values are also reflecting a much more positive market, although the ADHB 30kg ex-farm averages of £41.28/head and £30.18/head for weaners are still flagging behind spot trades which are now £2 to £4 / head above contract levels, although the reverse was the case earlier in the year.

Grain prices have ended a relatively quiet week, with November wheat traded on the LIFFE market at £121.25/t and spot ex-farm feed wheat trades averaging £108.70/t.

And finally, for those of you who like wide open spaces, why not come along to my sale of outdoor pig equipment tomorrow (July 9) in sunny (at the moment) Shropshire where kit from a 1,000 sow her comes under the hammer near Bridgenorth. For more details see

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