The first and only  licensed-to-mix PCV2 and PRRS vaccine combination, one single dose of 1ml, to protect against two of the most devastating viral pig diseases.

PCV2 infection decreases the efficiency of the immune system, potentially reducing its response to vaccines¹, as well as increasing susceptibility to other infections. Depending on severity of disease, the economic impact is estimated to be between £8.10 and £84.10 loss per pig².

PRRS virus infects  immune cells and compromises the efficiency of the immune response, especially in the lungs³. This leads to poor reproductive performance in breeding herds, as well as reduced growth and increased respiratory disease and mortality in growing pigs. PRRS disease impact on farm profits are around -19.1% and are still understimated, while the total annual costs of PRRS in Europe is estimated to be as much as € 1.5 bn⁵.

In the field, respiratory problems in pigs are rarely caused by a single pathogen. Usually, several pathogens are acting at the same time which, combined with inadequate management and environmental factors leads to the condition known as porcine respiratory disease complex (PRDC).

Diagnostic data from the Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory indicates that a mixed infection of PPRS and PCV2 is one of the most common co-infections under current field conditions, resulting in pork production losses through reduced weight gain and respiratory disease in growing pigs⁶.


The mixability of Ingelvac CircoFLEX® and Ingelvac PRRSFLEX® EU was confirmed in studies evaluating the in-use stability over 4 hours of PRRS MLVs reconstituted.

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