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Equipment Description Location / Price Contact Details
1 Indoor tote bin 1.5 ton hydraulic open shut fits pallet forks £900 plus vat. 1 x 4 space Henderson Feeder £85 plus vat. 2 Feed carts 1x 6ft long & 1x 4ft long wheels good, £100 plus vat the pair. A few single space feeders £25 plus vat each. All pig free for about 5 year . 6 new shopping trolleys, good to use in the farrowing house to put baby pigs in when fostering or other chores £20 plus vat or offers on the lot Yeovil Somerset / see description for prices Call 07967309786 or email
Pig rearing accommodation. Challows, 20ft x 8ft plus 9 hurdles for outside penning for 8-80Kg pigs. Fully insulated, nipple drinkers and two ad lib feeder. One to five years old, in good condition. £700 – £1,000 per complete unit ready to go ex farm. 80 piglets per Challow. Genuine reason for sale. Good growth rates and good value. Chichester, West Sussex / see description for prices Call Nick Baird 07710 642250 or email
Wanted supply of Freedom Food 7kg piglets. Ideally 2000 pigs per batch Can be purchased through marketing group if preferred Contact Lee 07823535102
Collinson Discaflex System including metal tubes, bends, sensors, control panel, drop points etc. Only bought in November 2017 at a cost of over £5000. Hardly used Coventry area Call Andrew 07887565335
3 Collinson’s Bulk bins 2 x 9 tonne & 11 tonne, Concrete / Plastic pig slats – various sizes please contact, Insulated roof sheets 15 x 4 ft Wakefield Please Contact 01924 256034 for further details
2x fully galvanized clear span portal framed sheds with fibre cement roofs with hit&miss cranked vented ridge,with clear intermediate roof panels 2mtr high concrete panels all round with 4 galvanized sliding doors to each shed. Galebreaker curtains to sides thermostatiicly controlled,with wind and rain sensors inc. All internal fittings 22 pens included,fully automated feed and water system with s/steel jags drinkers. All walkway timbers and sheets inc. Also 2x 14 ton collinsons feed bins inc. 1x 30,000 waste water tank,inc. Both buildings still erected ready to view all in vgc. All disinfected etc. Melton Mowbray / Cost new over £200,000. All offers considered Please call Richard – 07778 334 734
WANTED : Low loading pig moving trailer for an outdoor unit. Minimum length 16 feet and in reasonable good condition Oxfordshire Please tel Glen on 07961 869565
Four automatic feed systems which are 1 Big Dutch man chain and disk system 2 collinsons 75mm & 55mm and 1 roxell. All cleaned and pig free Stafford, Staffordshire Contact Rob on 07974 810544 or 01785 242765 (evenings)
Bliby and Phillips grower and finisher feed hoppers for sale plus a selection of pig drinkers including suevia and arato Stafford, Staffordshire Contact Rob on 07974 810544 or 01785 242765 (evenings)
King straw bedding machine. Takes Heston bales. Has a second discharge chute low down for bedding pig arks Lincolnshire Contact Lee on 07823535102
40 QE Jetmix Feeders & Spares in good condition. Suitable for pigs from 10 weeks to slaughter Suffolk Contact Peter on 07787382478
7 x microware esf station with tage and complete computer system York Contact Sam on 07875495785
4 Pro-Sorter systems and associated penning available for sale Dumfries and Galloway Contact Gregor on 07765886186 or
WANTED : Quantity of plastic sow slats North Yorkshire Contact : Richard 07813 798002 or
Landry PTO power washer with 1000l tank. 3000psi. As new – £600. 2 galvanised tank stands each with 2 2000l tanks. £900 each Lincs Contact Lee Chafer 07823535102
3 x stainless steel wet feed mixer tanks, 3 x 24,000l fibreglass storage tanks, 24 x 4ft stainless wet feed troughs, various wet feed pumps in very good condition Shropshire / Offers Contact Richard – 07967 301949
Bed and Breakfast Pig Rearing and Finishing Accommodation Required. Due to current expansion plans Wold Farms Ltd are looking for good quality straw based pig rearing and finishing accommodation in the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire regions.
Our pigs are produced to Red Tractor and Freedom Food standards with very competitive rates and long-term, processor aligned contracts being available (Wold Farms Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cranswick Plc)
Yorkshire and Lincolnshire regions Contact Angel Galtrey or Mary Williams – 01482 895949/Email:
Pig Finishing Units required in North East England. Taking pigs from between 7-30kg through to finish (90kg dead). Pigs from a family single site farm. Any size unit considered North East England Please contact Richard 07792 532359 for a confidential discussion
12 farrowing crates, Fully slatted Offers / York Call 07875 495785
1x Bryan Thomas farrowing house, 12 farrowing crates Offers / York Call 07875 495785
2 pen craft master, Will hold about 200 weaners Offers / York Call 07875 495785
WANTED: Portable Farrowing Container up to 10 places. In good condition York area Contact: Mike Coates 07919813362
Large, medium & small black upright plastic creep feeders and large amount of plastic and concrete slatted floors Usk, Monmouthshire / Price negotiable Please contact Derek Jones – 01291690007 or email
Laboratory AI equipment (schippers) new rolls of plastic inseminations bags, new boxes of bottles and catheters, warming cupboard, 2 new water filtration containers Usk, Monmouthshire / Price negotiable Please contact Derek Jones – 01291690007 or email
4 Nurtinger piglet rearing machines, sow house heavy secure pen doors & divider gates and piglet solid steel creep troughs & red plastic piglet creep hoppers Usk, Monmouthshire / Price negotiable Please contact Derek Jones – 01291690007 or email
Sow farrowing crates, with feeding troughs/drinkers, sow farrowing pen divider boards heavy plastic & wooden and 2 Sow House Stroth floor cleaning scrapper units Usk, Monmouthshire / Price negotiable Please contact Derek Jones – 01291690007 or email
g.w.o £1000.00
Bentall 2 Ton Mixer £500.00
2 Rowlands 6T Holding Bins £250.00 each
Suffolk Tel 01394 383431
60 6 metre long John Harvey outdoor feed troughs/ trays. 20 John Booth fully insulated farrowing huts with doors and rear access flaps plus fenders. 2 Peter Allan 3 tonne sow feed thrower (one with hydraulically operated side discharge arm). 6 2 year old Harvey steel outdoor adlib sow feed hoppers with anti-bird flaps. Hundreds of steel electric fencing stakes, water fittings etc. Devon / Offers Call Chris – 07976 700999
120 plywood front and back farrowing huts and 85 all steel Glendale farrowing huts. Both types in varying condition. Plywood huts are easily repaired and will last for many years. Open to all offers if purchased in quantity Nottinghamshire Contact Lee Chafer 07823535102
Indoor breeding and finishing units wanted. Edward James Livestock Limited require Indoor pig units within the Yorkshire region. Long term rental offered, along with investment in buildings and equipment. Units will be fully managed and worked by our staff. Long term leases offered Yorkshire region Please call 07445 696995 for a informal and confidential discussion or email
Autosort system Prosort by Gromaster consisting of 4 stainless weighing sorters & associated gates each capable of sorting up to 600 finishers in a single group. 3 way sorting allows 3 separate feeding areas controlled by the pigs individual growth curve & allows hands free market sorting of pigs by weight. Management console on each sorter head plus central management hub. Photos and video available. 5 years old. North Yorkshire / Price negotiable Call 07885 033894
Quantity of penning and gates available if required, plus 22 circular polymer concrete wet feed troughs with 3m feeding space per trough suitable for up to 90 growers/finishers North Yorkshire / Price negotiable Call 07885 033894
Various John Harvey Dry sow huts, 8×15 10×20 all with either lifting eyes or A frames In excellent condition, been used for a rare breed herd Located near Malton Price dependant on quantity and type Please call Oliver 07712 677654
5 20×42 John Harvey Tents. Been used for lambing accommodation, fantastic condition. Can be sold with or without water barrels and add lib feeders £3,000 Located nr Harrogate Please call Oliver 07712 677654
Strong plastic feed hoppers (Philips or QE.) for weaners and growers: 17 at 3ft3insx2ft8insx16ins. For £90, 7 at 4ftx2ft6insx14ins @£90, 5 at 2ft8insx2ft6insx1ft for £60, 12 at 4ftx2ftx1ft for £70, 4 at 3ftx2ft6insx1ft for £60 and 26 white plastic 4ftx2ft6insx1ft @ £25 Lancaster Call 07831 524199
Cover heat pads for weaners. 6 at 4ftx5ft9ins. 8 at 3ftx8ft9ins £70 / Lancaster Call 07831 524199
76 farrowing crates in good condition with either floating or pronged bottom rail £70 / Lancaster Call 07831 524199
Roblew feed silo’s Grant available up to 40% Call 07876 190611
10 place sectional farrowing house. Can dismantle & deliver. Offers Call 07876 190611
200 Place Weaner Cabin Unit. Cabin Size: 11.50 x 3.60mtr. Divided into four separate rooms.
As new, never used. Suitable for weaned pigs or nursery. Just needs a water and power connection
Offers Call 00353 87 2569428
5 John Booth Large Dry Sow Arcs (3.8m) (12’6″ long, 7’6″ wide – 5 sheet roof) including sliding rear vent and lifting hooks. Fully galvanised with a timber sub frame around the base. Exceptional condition as only 12 months old. £450 each. Sensible offers for job lot. Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire Call Jemima on 07887 420157 or email
4 John Booth Farrowing Arcs (8’4″ wide x 5’6″ long – 2 sheet roof) including creep fender, sliding rear vent and lifting hooks. Fully galvanised with a timber sub frame around the base. Exceptional condition as only 12 months old and one never used. £350 each. Sensible offers for job lot. Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire Call Jemima on 07887 420157 or email
AI Fridge – Brand New JSR Cool Locker £300 + 450 Brand New JSR Golden Cap Catheters still in box £25. Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire Call Jemima on 07887 420157 or email
Pig Scales – Used. Good working order Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire / £250 Call Jemima on 07887 420157 or email
14 IAE water troughs – one large (1800mm long, 457mm wide, 405 deep) with brand new service box and fittings £70, 6 smaller (900mm long, 457mm wide and 405mm deep) with brand new service boxes and fittings £50 each and 7 (900mm long, 457mm wide and 405mm deep) without service boxes £35 each. Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire Call Jemima on 07887 420157 or email
2 John Harvey 20x 40 tents with hurdles river drinkers and 2x 600kg feed bins. £3000 the pair. Quantity of indoor ad lib weaner feeders – offers. Pig hurdles – offers. QE out weaner gruel feeders for 7kg to 35kg Offers Contact Tom on 07713338653
High discharge 8t feed bin good condition. Various cattle toughs used in farrowing several available Norwich Area For further details telephone 07979 961856
For sale – a large selection of pig equipment, galvanised farrowing crates, cast iron slats, plastic slats, plastic and stainless steel feed troughs in a variety of sizes. All items have been cleaned, dismantled and packed onto pallets. Purchased a number of years ago for expansion plans but remain unused and dry stored ever since. All in good condition. Devon / Offers Contact – Andrew 07767435377 or email
Wanted – Used Hampshire liquid feed equipment, tanks, valves, pipeline etc. Anything considered, can take out Any area Contact Paul 07718 617433
18 place fully slated sectional insulated and ventilated farrowing house for sale. Can dismantle and transport Suffolk / Offers Call 07803 988986
21 5 year old John Harvey outdoor tents. 32’x 16’with 2 x 9 space feeders and 2 x 8 space nipple drinkers. Good condition Shropshire. £2000 ono Call Rory 07973552292
For Sale, Spread-A-Bale SBL125 front mounted straw spreader. Year 2009 Manitou fixings. Self loading. All bale types. Well serviced Norfolk – P.O.A. Call Rob on 07766 336332 or email
36 two pig space add lib finishing hoppers, 22 add lib finishing hoppers for 4/6 pigs, 4 EB automatic feeder systems approx. 40 metre runs with drop pipes, 14 four space add lib growing pig hoppers, 21 Header tanks, 2 Uttley Ingham 20 tonne bulk hoppers, Approx 141 metres of EB centreless auger /would split North Yorkshire / Site due to be demolished May so all must go Call 07736541542
Complete Mill and Mix System, Soya Bin, Midds Bin, Mill, Mixer, Holding Bins, Augers, can dismantle Woodbridge, Suffolk / £10,000 Tele: 01394 383431
For sale. Quantity of QE galvanized farrowing crates, Domino ad lib sow feeders, plastic weaner flooring, single and double electric heat pads,Bliby double creep hoppers,QE Jetmix weaner feeders North Yorkshire Call 07796 825851
For Sale, 2 X 10 place Jetwash farrowing containers with Domino ad lib feeders, 5 years old, very good condition >North Yorkshire/£16K each Call 07796 825851
WANTED: Regular supply of 30KG+ weaners. Batches of 100 Payment on collection Telephone : 07535 952779
2006 3 deck full lifting houghton parkhouse pig trailer. Excellent condition Northern Ireland Contact :
WANTED indoor pig units Long term rental or purchase Please email or call 01756 720471
WANTED pig unit farrow to finish indoor 100-150 sows Midlands area preferred Please email
Verba Sow Adlib Dosers; for forward sloping farrowing pens. As new – used 1 week only – 10 available £50 each. Collection in person only – Lincoln Call 01522 791209
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