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Wanted portable weaning container to hold 240 pigs from weaning to 15/20 kgs in 2/4 rooms fully slated must be in good condition Cleveland Contact Graeme on 07973436049 or
For sale 1 hudson barn, 6 booth farrowing arks plus fenders also 6 harveys individual sow feeders all in good York Ring Neil on 07958311516
3 Fibre Glass 20 Ton Fed Bins – £1,500.00. 4 Ton fed tanks stainless steel – £200 each. Assorted range of AI equipment. Farrowing Crates 20 red small 5 kilo weaner fed Hoppers. Larger 100 kilo plus also available. Selection of stainless steel troughs, stock gates 6’x4’ £30 each good condition. Other assorted equipment from large indoor Sow unit Monmouthshire, Wales Contact: or 01291690007
2 Gestal feeding stations for dry sows using EID, includes everything needed North Lincolnshire / £2200+vat Call Lee 07823535102
Converted pnuematic feed blower trailer runs off tractor P.T.O. and hydraulics 6 to 8 tonne. In good working order £4000 O.N.O. Near Stansted Essex. Contact James 07970756731
For sale galvanised fenders vgc. £50 each N Lincs Call 07710405260
Portable temperature controlled Al box, 12volt cigarette adapter Lincolnshire David 01529421269
Temperature controlled AI cabinet. Fridge size. 3 selves Lincolnshire David 01529421269
N.E.D.P.A Electronic sow feeding system, 5 years old, 5 station – capable of feeding two rations, Automatic separation unit
Automatic spray identification, Heat detection unit, Stand alone gilt training unit
Lincolnshire David 01529421269
Quality Equipment floating rail farrowing crates Lincolnshire David 01529421269
Centerless augur feeding system
Various lengths
Single phase motors
Lincolnshire David 01529421269
Large quantity of cast iron slats at various lengths ie. 1200mm, 1000mm and 910mm and widths of 400mm and 500mm Based in Central Midlands / Prices on Request Please contact Chris on 07974 091512 for more info
60 galvanised farrowing crates. All with plastic feed troughs with front stainless steel strip and nipple drinker. Based in Central Midlands / £60 each Please contact Chris on 07974 091512 for more info
110 metre run of tribar farrowing flooring (enough for 60 crates) some at 2440mm span and some at 2500mm span. Self supporting ie. Support only required at each end. £5300. Will split into lots for 12 crates or more Based in Central Midlands Please contact Chris on 07974 091512 for more info
10,000 litre Big Dutchman stainless steel liquid feed mixing tank with mixing paddles POA, 12 Big Dutchman farrowing crates £50 each, Various plastic flooring. Various shapes and sizes POA York Call Hugh 07960 589321
Dump feeders required Devon Please call Chris Down on 07976 700999 or email
QE rescue container 2.6m x 4.9m internal dimensions. Fully slated, heat pads, fan ventilated. 3 transition feeders North Lincolnshire / £13000+ vat Call Lee 07823535102
Five feed augers up to 140ft in length with motors and down pipes Suffolk Contact Simon 07909 963904
28 aquaglobe water level devises with 1m galvanised pipe. £10+vat each. 28 1m water troughs built by QE. £5+vat each North Lincs Call Lee 07823535102
8 John Harvey 20’ x 42’ Tents: in very good condition never been moved.30 John Harvey farrowing Arcs – in very good condition. Quantity water barrels with 6 or 8 finisher nipples. 10 John Harvey nipple bar hurdles. Contents of a Boar stud, made by QE comprising 12 8×12 pens made of barred gates and panel plus walls Harrogate in North Yorkshire / Prices on request For more information please call Oliver 07712 677654
Internal fixtures and fittings from 2 x 1000 place wean to finish buildings All internal panels for 24 pens per building, gates, 5 place feeders, nipple and Jag drinkers , galvanised gantry, 2×18 ton collinson feed bins and augers supplied by QE Four Galebreaker VVS curtains, serviced Mobile loading ramp All washed and disinfected Stratford on Avon Contact Stephen 07770751234
40m x 15m ARM farrowing building New build in 2005 but not used for last 3 years. 5 rooms of 12 crates, Farmex controls Buy to dismantle and transport, located in Oxfordshire For photos email or ring 01865 821180 (office hours)
2 x 18 place Finrone portable farrowing buildings for sale Aberdeenshire, Scotland / Prices on request For more info contact Derek on 07971549043
53 finisher ad-lib feeders for sale (mainly 6 space) and 16 Rotecna weaner ad-libs (7-20kg) Suffolk / Prices on request Call Andrew on 07803 988986
26 metre run of Nursery tribar flooring 2450mm span. Self supporting ie. support only required at each end. £1200. (£6000 new) Based in Central Midlands Contact Chris 07974091512 for more info
18 steel vertical barred Nursery pen divisions 2500mm long x 800mm high, complete with water fittings and nipple drinkers @ £15 each Based in Central Midlands Contact Chris 07974091512 for more info
72 steel vertical barred Nursery pen divisions 1450mm long x 800mm high, complete with water fittings and nipple drinkers @ £10 each Based in Central Midlands Contact Chris 07974091512 for more info
Raised bed farrowing crates, Feed hopper (various sizes), Collinson’s Bulk bins 9 tonne & 11 tonne, concrete / Plastic pig slats – various sizes please contact, Insulated roof sheets 15 x 4 ft Wakefield / Prices on request Please Contact 01924 256034 for further details
20 farrowing crates each with individual feed troughs and nipple drinkers & 20 feeders suitable for weaners to sows Berkshire / Prices on request For more information please contact Peter on 07765 495015 (office hours only)
1 ½ ton Feed Tote Bins 20 Ton feed Bins, Cast Iron Slatted flooring for farrowing Sows. Steel Troughs 2’ 5’ 6’ long
Plastic slatted flooring Farrowing crates, Hampshire Feeding System and Farm X Ventilation System, Plastic weaner grower hoppers. Cast Iron Creep Starter feeders, Several 50,0000 ltr Fibre glass tanks. Heavy duty galvanised stock gates 8’ long 6’high, Nurtinger Machines. Automatic Scrapper Unit controller and track two tracks 800’ long, Large amount of new PVC fittings for feeding system, never used. Boxes of new 250watt heat lamps, Heat lamp shades on chains, AI and treatment equipment, boxes of catheters, internal gloves, bottles of lubricants Iron etc…
Usk, Monmouthshire Contact: or 01291690007
90 no. piglet lamps c/w shades fitting and 250w bulb + 1m wire flex – 9mths pig free Suffolk/£5 each Contact Hugh 07587579123
50 no. QE farrowing crates c/w Aqua valve plastic trough and piglet nipple drinker 7’ 10’’ (3.24m) dismantled. Quick sale as scrap skip is waiting – 9mths pig free Suffolk/£25 each Contact Hugh 07587579123
Ionisation lighting reduces, particulates and lowers, ammonia emissions, One 30W LED per pair of sows effective on pathogens Lisburn / £189 each Email tech@magdek for further details
24no. SINGLE Domino Star K-Flex wet and dry feeders. 4 yrs old and like new. See – Devon / £100 each ono Contact Chris – 07976 700999 /
24no. Double Domino Star K-Flex wet and dry feeders. 4 yrs old and like new. See – Devon / £120 each ono Contact Chris – 07976 700999 /
Galvanised farrowing crates and plastic coated Nooyen flooring with paneltim divisions Based in Central Midlands / POA Contact Chris 07974091512 for more info
1 x 12 ton EB fibreglass feed bin, centre discharge £1200, 1 x 12 tonne galvanised feed bin, centre discharge £1000, 2 x 18 tonne galvanised feed bins, centre discharge £1300 each Based in Central Midlands Contact Chris 07974091512 for more info
1200 Concrete double pig slats 7ft long x 9ins wide, and 200 slats 8ft long x 9ins wide. All with correct size slot and in very good condition. South Wiltshire Contact No 01985 844251
1x 11.4 m3 Collinsons Feed Bin Model SSB-S5A11, 100x Rotecna small Pan Creep feeders, 20x Farrowing crates Lincoln / Prices on request Contact Dean 01522 791209
160x Heat Lamps, 70x Lamp Holders, 16x QE 400cm wide single sow/guilt feeders Lincoln / Prices on request Contact Dean 01522 791209
10x Verba Sow Feeders, 9x Blue Phillips 4 space guilt Feeders Lincoln / Prices on request Contact Dean 01522 791209
A 11kw hammer mill. which is a 3phase motor with a single phase inverter. With a feed hopper and various augers and pipe work from the mill Suffolk / Prices on request Contact or call 07771805622
1.5 ton agrex meal mixer on weigh scales and computer, with a feed trough auger – 6 years old but not used for last year and a half Suffolk / Prices on request Contact or call 07771805622
3 holding bins: 4ton, 6ton, 8ton plus augers to supply the mixer Suffolk / Prices on request Contact or call 07771805622
QE built rescue pig container with 3 reconditioned transition feeders. Very little use Lincolnshire / OIRO £13000+vat Call Lee 07823535102
2 fully galvanized clear span portal framed sheds with fibre cement roofs with hit&miss cranked vented ridge, with clear intermediate roof panels 2mtr high concrete panels all round with 4 galvanized sliding doors to each shed. Galebreaker curtains to sides thermostatiicly controlled, with wind and rain sensors inc. All internal fittings 22 pens included, fully automated feed and water system with s/steel jags drinkers. All walkway timbers and sheets inc. Also 2x 14 ton collinsons feed bins inc. 1x 30,000 waste water tank,inc. Both buildings still erected ready to view all in vgc. All disinfected etc. We will take down or dismantle buildings at our cost. Melton Mowbray / Cost new over £200,000. All offers considered Please call Richard – 07778 334 734
Complete Electronic Collinsions automatic feeder system (only 2yrs old). Complete set of Henderson plastics swinging pig gates and partitions. (Only 2yrs old). 12 Nipple drinkers (John Harvey). 2 x 8 tonne feed silos. 1 x 18 tonne feed silos, Large outdoor covering ark (John Harvey). Plastic feed hoppers. 5 outdoor feed hoppers (giant) Maidstone / Prices on request Contact Caroline – 07767351094 or
Former 1250 weaner unit in Cumbria, we have a large amount of small, medium and large upright feeders for sale. All in good condition, also nipple drinkers on IBCs. 3 nearly new augers of 28 meter each with dropper pipes. All these are available to view or can email photos. All items sterilized and no pigs on farm for over 2 years Cumbria / Prices on request Please contact Steven 07845942127 or email
16 place Farrowing House fitted with Tenderfoot flooring, plastic panelling and electric heat mats. Would sell whole building or just internals. 16 place Finrone farrowing portapig fitted with Midland Pig 360 farrowing crates, plastic panelling and electric heat mats – 4 years old. Pictures on request Hull Call Harvey May on 07789838689
Commercial Pig Farming Equipment for sale – Sow Crates, troughs, Feed Hoppers, Tote Bins, Fibre Glass Tower silos, Hampshire computer feeding system, a selection of Schippers AI preparation and serving equipment, 24 qty of 250w Heat bulbs new still in their box, ceiling hanging heat lampshades, Nurtinger Machines etc … Raglan. South Wales Contact: 01291690007 or
4 Glendale weaner huts used condition. 10ft x17ft fully insulated weaner huts x12 in excellent condition can be sold with or without outdoor hurdles. Large quantity of 8x4ft outdoor hurdles with full stock board. 5 x Peter Allen ad lib sow lactating hoppers, bird/vermin proof good condition. 40 nipple bars some with drip trays. 1x temperature controlled semen box in good working order Bmv pregnancy scanner good working order Based near York Contact Rob 07939094725 for more info
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