Scottish pig industry submits report on reducing emissions

The Scottish Pig Industry Leadership Group has submitted a new report titled ‘Bringing home the bacon: reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the Scottish pork sector’ to the Government, laying out recommendations on how the industry can reach net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2045.

This report focuses on key areas which will support the overall objective of the Scottish Pig sector of reducing the Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Scottish pig production whilst maintaining the output of quality, affordable Scottish Pork’.

The areas are: maximising input efficiency; utilising best technology; tackling livestock disease; turning wastes into a resource; and adding value and building producer confidence.

“As an unsupported sector historically, there has always been a drive to adopt new practices and learnings to ensure best practice and maximum production efficiency,” said the report. “However, recommendations have been made for public policy measures can reinforce success and sustain this positive momentum by further reducing emissions.”

In its conclusion, the report said it had identified the most cost-effective environmental mitigation strategies and proposes economic and policy support to help make those changes happen. These include: “Investment in new infrastructure; further advances in technology and energy; further enhancement of pig health & welfare; and supporting producer confidence through cooperation and market development. Improvements are needed in the national inventory to enable current and future performance to be more accurately reported.”

“With supportive policy, we are certain that pork production will play an active part in leading our food supply chain to achieve net zero emissions in Scottish agriculture,” it added.

The full report can be read here.

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