Prioritise fresh meat products at ports or risk millions of lost export orders, says BMPA

The British Meat Processors Assocation has said the Government’s decision not to prioritise fresh meat products through UK ports will result in millions of lost export orders.

BMPA CAO Nick Allen said that if fresh meat exports do not get priority over non-perishable items such as household appliances, it will undermine the reputation of British Meat and remove a big competitive advantage British meat processors have over other countries.

“Our EU customers – the big supermarket chains and food service companies – are not concerned with how good or bad our customs system is, they just need to know we can deliver what they want, on time,” said Mr Allen.

“Every extra hour that fresh meat is delayed in transit causes problems further on in the supply chain which devalues it. If expected delivery times extend beyond a certain point, it must be frozen which devalues it further and turns it into a very different product that isn’t what our customers are demanding and which they could buy from anywhere else in the world.

“If meat exports are delayed, customers will simply start sourcing their meat from elsewhere. So, we are calling on Government to implement a graduated system to prioritise goods for export, with perishable food like sausages and fresh meat given a higher priority”

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