New piglet coccidiosis treatment launched

A new treatment for preventing coccidiosis in piglets has been launched.

Tolracol from Krka is newly introduced single dose coccidiostat which can be used in lambs, piglets and calves to prevent coccidiosis infections on farms with a history of coccidiosis infection.

“As many farmers will have experienced, a coccidiosis outbreak can pose a significant challenge to piglets and calves,” said Krka’s Killian Gaffney. “Preventing coccidiosis on farms with a known history of it is an essential part of health planning and can make a significant difference to lamb, calf and piglet performance.

“Coccidiosis can result in ill-thrift, weight loss and potentially death, making its prevention a vital component of youngstock management alongside hygiene, housing management and nutrition,” said Gaffney.

“Tolracol is recommended for use at three to five days old in piglets, but certainly before the onset of a significant coccidiosis challenge.

“Importantly, this is a single dose product making administration easier and simpler for farmers and allowing reduced handling and gathering in some situations,” he said.

The product’s high efficacy means dosage rates are manageable, with piglets and lambs requiring 0.4ml/kg of bodyweight and calves requiring 3ml/10kg of bodyweight.

This means for a 4kg piglet the dose would be 1.6ml, while for a 10kg lamb the dose would be 4ml and for a 60kg calf the dose would be 18ml.

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