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Equipment Description Location / Price Contact Details
Two Finrone flat decks 160 pig places 7 years old in good condition. Wet feeding equipment including tanks and pumps. 50 20ft stockboard clad Gates. 8 Ton 12 Ton 2 x 20 Ton bins. Scales PD Tester Essex Contact Peter 07767 828956
Fully functioning outdoor ESF feeding stations, used successfully for the last 3 years, to include 17 stations and 3 training stations. We will help with set up if required North Lincolnshire Contact Lee 07823 535102
2 x 16 ton Collinson high discharge feed silos, 3 years old. 1 5 ton Collinson silo North Lincolnshire Contact Lee 07823 535102
New production 7kg weaners for sale on a regular basses East Midlands Contact John 07785 255453
For sale from a closed Bedfordshire pig unit (pig free): 1 Quality Equipment portable nursery cabin in good condition, 1 Pharmweigh stainless steel weaning trolley with built in weigh cells with re-chargeable weigh head, Schippers piglet treatment trolley, 1 Schippers tail docker, 1 tooth grinder, 1 MS multi-scan digital pregnancy tester, 1 semen storage fridge cabinet Bedfordshire For more details and photographs telephone 07710275374
8 x Finrone farrowing portapigs, 2 x 10 place, 2 x 12 place, 2 x 14 place, 1 x 16 place, 1 x 18 place. Excellent condition. Buyer to collect. Good lorry access. Can be brought individually or in multiples. Bedfordshire Please call 07786 311824 or 07748 140502
6 x Schauer Compident VII ESF Stations. Can be seen working. 2 x 2014 16 Place Finrone Farrowing Containers. Heat Pads / Dicam Controlled including Collinsons Feed System and 4t Silo on Load Cells 132 x Rotechna Hot Water Pads (1200 x 400mm) 200+ Rotechna Electric Heat Pads Large Quantities or Paneltim and Plastic Planking Shropshire Please Call Harry on 07711 766984
20 Jetmix feeders + spare parts, 4 years pig free, in very good condition. Suffolk Please contact Peter 07787 382478
WANTED: Free access sow stalls, (required for A.I). Feeds bins 14t or larger Somerset Call 07799 261415
35 JH insulated farrowing huts and fenders. 1 year old. 2no 21’x40′ JH tents, new on the pallet. 3no. 1 ton JH adlib hopper. 5no 6m JH feed troughs on Woods North Lincolnshire Call Lee – 07823 535102
WANTED – Pig tents any size considered, and quantities Contact : 07752495708
Plastic ad-lib feeders: 3 space sow, 2 and 3 space finisher and 7 space grower. Osbourne rotary weaner feeders. Plastic/stainless steel single space troughs suitable for farrowing crates. 50mm plastic panel partitions of various lengths with stainless steel fittings. Formerly made up 36 pens. CTIControl climate controller, never used. Valco Safetrac curtain operator. Centreless augers and motors. 20mm plastic plumbing fittings. Full details and photos on request. West Sussex Contact Patrick 07833 914597
1. Finrone 6 crate farrowing box. Condition excellent. £10,800. Buyer to collect. 2. Crystal Springs wet/dry Multi space feeders. C/w extensions 10no. F1-230 30’’ feeders. (20 to 30 pigs per side). £336 each. Condition excellent. 3. Crystal Springs wet/dry Multi space feeders. C/w extensions 8no. F1- 348 48’’ feeders. (30 to 45 pigs per side ). £442 each. Condition excellent. Montgomery, Powys 07814 206357
1 x Finrone rescue deck 6 room 7 years old £15,000 / Large quantity Big Dutchman ESF feeders and control panel offers Nottingham Contact John 07785 255453
2x Twenty place and 1x Ten place Farrowing along with a Rescue deck Finrone containers for sale. 17 double sided S/S 6 and 8 place grower feeders and remove the Big Dutchman equipment Nottingham Contact John 07785 255453
30 brand new 6ft 6 space plastic bliby pig feeders,16, used 4ft 5 space 12, 4ft 6 space 16 8ft 9 space 10, 7ft galvanized drinking troughs with ballcocks 2 new 12 new galvanized double troughs 15 used 15ft galvanized big bar IAE gates Worksop, Notts Please call Mark on 07747 698516
24 x 6 space Verba/Phillips feed hoppers. Solid dividers. 150cm long. Freedom Foods approved. Each £150 plus VAT Ellesemere, North Shropshire Contract 01939 270655 or 07837 591234
53 Quality Equipment galvanised individual sow feeders. Complete with semi automatic feed dispensers and ability to close back gates from the front Coventry / Pig free for 6 months £4000 Call Chris on 07974 091512 for more information.
8 Collinson electronic sow feeders. All with shedding facility Coventry / Pig free for 6 months £2000 Call Chris on 07974 091512 for more information.
Looking for indoor pig accommodation in the Nottingham Derbyshire area top rates paid long leases preferred Nottingham Derbyshire area Please call 07340482566
8 QE Transition feeders in good condition, pig free since at least 2020 £100 each + VAT / Cambridgeshire Contact [email protected]
Wanted pig rearing / finishing accommodation – Yards also considered Norfolk / Suffolk area Please contact – Nigel 07850 741648
Farm Closure equipment for sale: Milling equipment: Rowlands one Ton Mixer, in working order. One ton lever weight machine. Essex Major Hammer Mill with grain hopper above, LB7 Christie Norris Hammer Mill with 15 horse power electric motor & a bin above, Bucket Elevator to fill bins, assorted Augers. 3 Phase Electric Slurry Pump. Site Office used for workers. Water Dump Tank for Hampshire feeding system. Laboratory AI equipment & leather Boar collection stool, Moisture Meter Machine for Bi products, Nursing heated & feeding machines, Schippers Pregnancy Scanner, large feed trolley, Plastic Slats with stainless steel supports, Large Box of new needles and syringes, 20 + new 250w Heat Lamp bulbs, heat lamp shades Raglan, Monmouthshire, South Wales Contact: [email protected] – Tel 01291690007 evenings
2 Collinson spin feeders complete with controllers for sale £500 each / North Yorkshire Call 07703 593480 for further details
200 farrowing arcs for sale – they come with a drop down fender – used but in good condition – 280cm wide, 110cm high, 170cm long near Thetford Contact 07786 136813 for pricing
Essex outdoor equipment, 5yrs pig free: 1 Booth Fully insulated & Galv. Farrowing Hut Inc. Drop Front Galv. Fender only 2 yrs use, Ritche Weigh Crate, Tru-Test XR3000 in Good condition with manual, Aux. cables & extra software, Speedrite Panther Electric Fence Energizer 240v, 160 sow Electric Fence to Inc. 20 Rolls 7strand galv. Wire, Insulators, metal Stakes, Spring Gates, Fox Fencing etc, 160 sow 25 & 20mm MDPE Black Pipe + Connectors T offs reducing 20mm, Elbows etc, 30 Plastic Barrel Drinkers, 40 Plastic Barrel feeders (with concrete weight), 3 Stainless steel Nipple bars with header tanks (Juice barrels), 8 metal frame Farrowing Huts approx. 15 yrs use need new panels, 12 Drop Front Galv. Fenders N W Essex Phone Richard 07974 385741 for pricing and details
For sale: 100 x galvanised QE crates, piglet nipple drinkers, sow drinkers and troughs, creep feeders, farrowing pen partitions, plastic farrowing slats and heat pads, 2 x side entry stirrers for wet feed tanks West Berkshire Contact Katy: [email protected], 07762 650035
Peter Allen 9t auger/trailer hopper filler North Yorkshire / £6000.00 tel 07734 865337
WANTED – Carravaggi or ArtsWay Mobile Mixer. Must be in Good Condition Thirsk Ring Josh on 07402933673
2 finishing feeders available-1×1 space & 1×4 space. Guide price £15 each. 25 multi fans – blade size 16 inch. Guide price £40 each (Total £985). Plastic slats for pig houses – 1.2m widths, click together-approx 156 available but can be viewed by appointment. Guide price £5 each (new cost £15 approx.). Numerous concrete slats – Guide price £20 per section – View by appointment Beeford Contact David Curtis on 07831 263187 or 01262 488161
Stage 1 Wark Up nursery building (5 rooms) originally built in 1998 in the Pickering area – free to anyone who wishes to take it down and remove it. Dismantling would need to be done between end of July to early August. Overall dimension 41880 mm X 10866 mm – Each room 8376 mm X 10866 mm Pickering / Free to a good home For more details, please contact 07711 721851
FINAL CLEARANCE. Pig equipment from former outdoor herd. 10 years pig free. Mainly stored on concrete. Dry sow shelters: 25 No 8ft square built from heavy steel tank plates. 5 No galvanised 10ft x 9ft curved sides with flat roof. 23 farrowing arcs, 65 pressed concrete and plastic single space wet/dry finishing hoppers, 16 dry feed hoppers with step (110cm wide), 23 No 5 space hoppers (120cm), 110 No single space wet/dry hoppers, 20 double space hoppers, 14 weaner hoppers (plastic also galvanised), various other troughs and feeders. Photos available. Bucks Email: [email protected]
12 ton Caravaggi Mill Mixer (2018). Pneumatic Blower. High Speed Axles. Immaculate Condition Shropshire Call Richard on 07770 276282
2 John Harvey tents 32′ x 16′ very good condition available April North Yorkshire Tel 07734 865337
For sale – 40 single space feeders – £25 each – hold 60kg of food Bristol area If interested ring Eric 07976601519
High quality pig finishing unit available. Modern substantial solid concrete straw based finishing unit very isolated and secure. Automated feeding system with fully integrated mill & mix system with 200 ton silo storage capacity. 33,400 sq ft pen space, large pens, site 56,000 sq ft. Available June S/Yorks Call Mark White on 07747698516
Set of 5 Individual sow feeders. Plastic sow troughs and Feeders various other sundries. Digital Weigh scale for Pigs Huddersfield Call 07733274441 for further details
Pig Herd Restock – Temporary Accommodation Required. Approx. 17,000sq/ft building. April – Sept 2021. Must be as isolated as possible from other pigs. All labour and straw supplied E Yorks, York, Scarborough, N Lincs Area For more information call 07710 691740
Regular or one off small or large numbers 9-12kg weaned piglets for sale high health vaccinated suitable for home or commercial rearing Nottingham Contact John 07785 255453
Pig finishing site available in Lincolnshire. Long term tenancy available. 2000 straw based spaces. All internal fixtures and machinery to be purchased at £100,000 Lincolnshire Contact Lee on 07823535102
Pyramid farrowing house for 16, complete with crates and fittings. 20 galvanised floating side rail farrowing crates, heat lamps with shields, AI box,numerous lenghts of plastic slats & 18 small plastic hoppers. 70 larger hopers available by January. David 07999527108
WANTED – Plastic Pig Slats, large quantity required, anywhere in UK, can dismantle Contact James on 07787325814 or [email protected]
*FREE* – I have a large quantity of Plasson/Lycee/Philmac plumbing fittings and Rappa/Speedrite electric fencing accessories (insulators/ tensioners etc) from a 150 sow to finishing organic outdoor unit. Pig free 10 years Free to collect from NE London address (nr south end of M11) Email [email protected] for lists/photos
Liquid Tanks 25 and 50 ton, 6 Ton Clarkes Feed Tan with mixer, 100 ft of Feed Lines, 50 Plastic E Class Feed pipes 5’ lengths, Hampshire feed tanks. 2,3,& 4 Ton, Grain Blower – in working order, Pipe feed droppers with lip end to toughs, Feed Hoppers 6ft x 18inches, 2 Containers sizes 30’ x 8’ & 20 x 8, 1 Used for staff changing/ rest room windows, electricity and sink, Green Plastic slates, Farrowing Crates – cheap, 2 – Boar semen collection benches, Heat lamps with shades, chain, electric wires and 250 heat lamp, New never used n Box Dosetron medicated applicator for drinking system, Nurtinger, heat and feed boxes -7 day old pigs, New Boxes of Schippers mixed AI items , catheters, bottles, semen bags, filters and others Monmouthshire, Wales – ALL REDUCED LOW PRICE TO CLEAR Contact: [email protected] or 01291690007
11 second hand Gestal sow feeders for sale Open to offers/North Yorkshire Call 07793 606023
22 Galvanised floating side rail farrowing crates with galvanised troughs inc drinkers. 10 Galvanised Warkup floating side rail farrowing crates with split food/water troughs. 2 Galvanised Warkup Side Entry floating side Rail farrowing crates with split food/water troughs. 15 stainless troughs to fit either available by separate negotiation. Loading/delivery available. Stockton on Tees Contact Chris – 07957666902
70 Black plastic feeders, 5ft 6 ins x 18 ins x 10 ins, suitable upto 40 kg £20 each ono / Bristol Call Eric on 07976 601519
Two twenty place Finrone farrowing cabins. One is approximately 6 years old and in very good condition – £25000. The other is only 2½ years old, in as new condition. Fully equipped with sprinkler system – £45000. Both available for immediate collection South Yorkshire Contact Kevin 01909 290116 (after 6pm) or email [email protected]
Wanted portable weaning container to hold 240 pigs from weaning to 15/20 kgs in 2/4 rooms fully slated must be in good condition Cleveland Contact Graeme on 07973436049 or [email protected]
2 Gestal feeding stations for dry sows using EID, includes everything needed North Lincolnshire / £2200+vat Call Lee 07823535102
Converted pnuematic feed blower trailer runs off tractor P.T.O. and hydraulics 6 to 8 tonne. In good working order £4000 O.N.O. Near Stansted Essex. Contact James 07970756731
For sale galvanised fenders vgc. £50 each N Lincs Call 07710405260
Portable temperature controlled Al box, 12volt cigarette adapter Lincolnshire David 01529421269
Temperature controlled AI cabinet. Fridge size. 3 selves Lincolnshire David 01529421269
N.E.D.P.A Electronic sow feeding system, 5 years old, 5 station – capable of feeding two rations, Automatic separation unit Automatic spray identification, Heat detection unit, Stand alone gilt training unit Lincolnshire David 01529421269
Quality Equipment floating rail farrowing crates Lincolnshire David 01529421269
Centerless augur feeding system – Various lengths – Single phase motors Lincolnshire David 01529421269
10,000 litre Big Dutchman stainless steel liquid feed mixing tank with mixing paddles POA, 12 Big Dutchman farrowing crates £50 each, Various plastic flooring. Various shapes and sizes POA York Call Hugh 07960 589321
QE rescue container 2.6m x 4.9m internal dimensions. Fully slated, heat pads, fan ventilated. 3 transition feeders North Lincolnshire / £13000+ vat Call Lee 07823535102
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