Higher Ground

Pig prices continue on their upward track, with the SPP breaching the 160p barrier and now standing at 160.10p, the German producer price rising by 1 euro cent and spot quotes at either firm stand on or marginally higher levels too.

Most bacon factory weekly contribution prices stood on within the 159p-164p/kg range and spot bacon was traded on the top side of 170p/kg, with one or two prepared to haggle achieving prices in the 172p/kg region, according to spec.

A weakening in the value of the pound saw the euro trading at 87.58p and cull sow values remained firm in the 102p-104p/kg region.

Weaner prices continue to scale dizzy heights with the latest AHDB 30kg ex-farm average within a gnat’s whatsit of breaching the £60/head barrier, now standing at £59.90/head and the 7kg average also continuing to rise with the latest average at £43.31/head. As previously reported, spot weaner values are significantly higher than contract, but cast your mind back to this time last year when the June 30kg average was £39.34/head and the 7kg average was well below cost of production at £29.09/head.

Reports from the USDA of abnormal to moderately dry conditions in some spring wheat areas spooked the spring wheat market to some extent, but UK feed wheat futures have remained at generally similar levels with July trading at £140.55/t and November at £140/t.

The latest UK ex-farm feed wheat spot average of £141.20/t showed a drop of £1/t over the last seven days, but a number of potential buyers are biding their time until harvest begins before making firm commitments either way.

UK protein prices ended the week at similar levels with 48% Brazilian soya meal ex-Liverpool trading at £291/t and 34% rape meal ex Erith in Kent a shade dearer at £177/t.

And finally, with the General Election on the horizon, it will be interesting to see how this pans out for Theresa and her pals, but another election that may be more relevant to pig producers are the 2018 NPA elections that are due to open on Monday 2nd October 2017 for those wishing to stand election to either the producer or allied industry group.

So, to those of you who tend to moan and groan about ‘nothing being done to help pig producers’, now is the chance to be involved at the sharp end, rather than as spectators, with all the policies and issues arising from Brexit to be unravelled, as well as trying to ensure that the British Pig Industry receives a fair hearing and is not just a sacrificial ‘lamb’ (pardon the pun).

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