Educating the younger generations

Claire Davies is the recently appointed Ladies in Pigs sponsorship secretary. Based near Newark, she has worked with LIPs for over 10 years, alongside a teaching role

At Ladies in Pigs, we are developing how we deliver our messages regarding Red Tractor pork to the general public by branching out even further into the education of our younger generations.

Claire Davies

Claire Davies

I have taken on the task of raising sponsorship to help fund this valuable work. I had already worked with Ladies in Pigs for over 10 years, alongside a teaching role, but when the opportunity arose to develop sponsorship and education projects for them, I was very keen to get involved.

I am a strong believer that by educating our younger generations about nutrition, farming and the wide range of opportunities available within our diverse and essential industry, we will strengthen and grow as a healthier and happier society.

The Ladies in Pigs team are creating education packages suitable for all school key stages, going through the primary years and into schools and colleges, up to further education level, where pork has now been recognised as a primary source of protein in the curriculum.

Therefore, by supporting teachers to educate pupils about the health benefits of pork, how it can be included as part of a balanced diet and the versatility with which it can be cooked, we are also supporting the promotion and awareness of Red Tractor pork.

I have been involved in the pig industry through my husband, Simon, commercial director for Meadow Quality, for over 30 years, and have enjoyed helping out on farms. I still attend many pig events with him.

My mission is to use my 15 years of educational experience to communicate with younger children and teenagers. I recognise that, sadly, there is a massive decline in cooking ability and the willingness to learn in this group.

Therefore, we aim to develop exciting and interesting projects to engage and intrigue them, hopefully spurring them on to become healthy consumers of the future.

Our initiatives include games in which the children have to recognise Red Tractor products from other ‘British’ labelling, introducing them to the complexities of country of origin labelling. We have also got a large wooden jigsaw of a pig with the different meat cuts as the pieces, showing which part of the pig is used for joints, ham, bacon, etc.

For older students, work will be done on basic butchery skills, recipe adaptations and bringing in STEM- (science, technology, engineering, maths) based activities.

Such a big initiative obviously requires funding to carry out this invaluable promotional work – which is where I, on behalf of the Ladies, would like to ask every member of the pig industry to dig deep and offer the support of sponsorship to help our mission to educate the next generation. Please contact me at [email protected]

Keeping Rosie rolling
LIPs have also been busy finding a solution to a major problem!

We were given very short notice that the lease on our beloved mobile demonstration kitchen, Rosie, was not going be renewed at the end of August. Rosie is vital to the ladies as she is a purpose-built, efficient and prominent symbol within the industry, travelling miles to far-flung county shows, education days, WI meetings and schools.

She is fundamental in getting their message across on behalf of the entire industry.

Chloe Gimson in front of Rosie, with Debbie Wilson, Sally Ham and Vicki Walsh inside

Chloe Gimson in front of Rosie, with Debbie Wilson, Sally Ham and Vicki Walsh inside

Consequently, the Ladies decided to ask for urgent help from within the industry and, thankfully, companies responded amazingly quickly to pledge financial support.

This initial amount will allow us to purchase Rosie, but further financial assistance will still be needed to maintain, repair and insure her.

Sponsorship will also be needed to help finance the education projects – AHDB currently provide most of this funding, but new initiatives will now need to be funded by the industry and other sources, something the ladies support. Therefore, if you or your company would like to keep the lovely ladies on the road and spreading pork’s message, then please – as a matter of urgency – contact me at the email address above.

Ladies in Pigs would like to thank Phil Woodall for his most valued assistance in rallying round to help raise the money, and also Woodhead Bros, AB Agri, Cranswick, FA Gill, Tulip UK, Thames Valley Cambac, Stockcroft, Dawkins International and Cheale Meats for their most valued support.

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